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Resistance is NOT Futile

The smell, you know that gasoline smell…

In 2003, I was in Afghanistan for the first of many such trips.  I was the executive officer for our Special Forces company, and we got our mission to move to Camp Harriman, down in Orgun-e.  Back then, it was just a small camp, hesco barriers, triple-strand, with not much to it.  Oddly enough, it was placed at the center of a valley and not on the hillside, which we referred to as OP1.  That used to be the old Russian base, so the US thought it best not to occupy the best defensible site, so as to not stir the ire of the local inhabitants. To be fair, the rocket and mortar attacks were less effective because it was harder to vector on us, being just a blob of buildings on the floor of the valley and not on a nice hill, so we had that going for us.

I had, as one of my many duties, the unenviable task of supervising the burn-pit.  Well, not the type of burn-pit that civilians think, but a place, where all the cut-down 55 gallon drums full of shit and piss would end up to be topped off with gasoline and lit on fire.  There are few things in this world less appetizing than the smell of 100s of US military red/white/blue turds on fire.  Without exception.

Well, being good, damn Americans, we contracted the task of actually moving the drums and setting them on fire to trustworthy locals.  In fact, there was only one trustworthy local and his son, who accepted the job.  He was an Afghan of indeterminable age.  Life is hard there and he could have been 35 or 65 for all I knew when I first met him.  By the way, I did try my best to stay up wind of him at all times, but he always wanted to shake hands and hug.  I think it was his way of politely saying screw you.

I was so green and naive that I didn’t have the sense to be afraid.  It was all a big adventure.

Anyway, I got to know the shit-burner (sorry, I can’t remember his name) pretty well.  Found out that he fought the Russians as a mujaheddin fighter.  He would regal me stories of his time and his youth.  He was older, as I came to learn, than I had thought.  As time progressed, his roots on his beard would show through as white.  Seems he dyed his beard to show youthfulness.  Nice to know that America isn’t the only self-conscious group of people in the world, isn’t it?

Well, one particular day, a group of younger contractors came onto the base. I guess that they ran the cooks and other people on the base.  Anyway, they took to yelling and demeaning the shit-burner because he was a shit-burner and from a lower tribe.  They were Pashtun .  By the way, I was getting all this through my translator because I don’t speak Dari or Pashtun.  Although, I was getting pretty decent at understanding some of it by the end of my tours.  So, being a conscientious sort, I interjected into the conversation and took the Pashtuns to task for their behavior toward an elder and a hero of Afghanistan.

So, I won the shit-burner over as a life-long friend that day.  Don’t exactly know if that was a good thing, but hey, small victories in the greater game, right?  Well, after that encounter, the shit-burner, well, he opened up more to me about his past and life.  One story in particular that he told me, was his killing of this one particular Russian soldier.  I believe that the soldier was Tajik (Russians used a lot of relatively local inhabitants to fight the war, but mixed up the ethnicity to prevent favoritism).  Anyway, that soldier was captured by the muj, by my shit-burner specifically.  He told me that he threw him down a well and for several days, would throw stones at him until he died.  No questions were asked, no food or water given, my shit-burner just stoned the guy to death.

When I asked him if he did it for his religion or because the guy was Tajik, he said, no.  His response was that he just liked killing Russians –which he stated while laughing.

Some people kill and destroy for reasons that are understandable: hatred, envy, avarice, or simply to survive.  Others will destroy because they can.

I tell you this to make you ask yourselves whether we have a president, who will see our destruction for his own personal satisfaction?  Are we at the bottom of the well?

Of Demagoguery and Men

Another quixotic week has passed us by with more and more hypnagogic jerks than this author would have liked to see in his lifetime.  This is our new norm and as a sufferer of PTSD, I can tell you that it is not comforting in the least.

If you are not a student of history or have not taken an interest in studying demagoguery, you need to start brushing up.  Our comrade and chief is working the magic of fake charisma and passion plays to his utmost ability.  I give him that.  Like dictators, he has a quality to rouse the populaces’ hatred against targets like no other.

He has turned his attention to the news media in order to invalidate their credibility in the eyes of the beholder.  DO NOT LET HIM GET TO YOU.  In Latin, Illegitimi non carborundum!

His and his sycophantic minions have developed a vast coterie of collaborators that devour his words with a cannibalistic fervor.  While I figure that the camps, I rather liken this to the book The Stand, are already established, their strength cannot be underestimated.  Once the news media is denounced, who is next?  He has already laid the burden of all our woes on the immigrants.  Being a grandson of immigrants, I find his tirade and those of his cretins to be more than mildly offensive.  What do you feel?  What do you think?

I feel that the ardor of his wrath will fall upon the LGBT demographic and then to those of us, who are his perceived enemies.  Personally, I have no issue with being an enemy of his.

This is not the America that we once enjoyed and it is slowly becoming the enemy of the world.  DO NOT LET HIM DO THIS!

Should our representatives in Congress fail in their charge to defend against the seizure of power, it will fall upon us to ensure our own safety.  If you are not making preparations for this, you should start.  6 more months.  I give our republic 6 more months.

Consider me a fool, a rabble-rouser,   or just a whach-job, but I have 3 master’s degrees and 24 years of experience in defense, counter-terrorism, and insurgency study.  I made a life-time out of studying the signs and precursors to the fall of governments.  We are solidly on that path.

Look for yourselves.  Don’t trust me.  Don’t trust HIM.  Read, research, and watch.  You will come to the disheartening conclusion that I speak truth.

Divide and Conquer or Strumming my Pain with his Fingers

Our new führer and his collaborators have been hard at work these past four weeks –can you believe that it has only been four weeks? President Bannon’s short term plan is easy enough to discern: to divide the opposition in order to keep us ineffective.  The constant drumbeat of woe that emanates from the former White House (now the Halls of the Legion of Doom) distracts us from the evil that repuglicans in Congress are doing to our once great nation.  With each passing day, we fall further into the corporate morass that will generate greater wealth for the chosen few and nothing but mouthfuls of ash and bitterness for the rest of us.

Our pres has blatantly shown his madness, bigotry, and racism for all to see during his most recent media circus.  His insults crossed all demographics except for white supremacists and related scum.  Wealth doesn’t make you any less a scumbag than poverty does.  It just makes you better dressed.

However, it does my heart good to see the walk-outs, shout-downs, and discontent that the good people of America have demonstrated over the same few weeks.  Further coordination is required in order to truly show efficacy.

The state maintains legitimacy now only because it has the force of security forces behind it.  If you think that the police or military will help you, think again.  Recent FBI documents have shown that our police forces are riddled with white supremacists (,  and we already knew that at the very least, the bitter and anger-laden police forces are far too trigger happy.  Our military officer corps will not do anything to protect the average American.  80% of the general and flag ranked officers go off to work in the military industrial complex, so they are not going to jeopardize gold egg laying goose (  Further down, our rank and file military service members also sieg heil in increasing numbers (

So, the coup is almost complete.  We are one terrorist attack (real or alt-facted into being) away from a dictatorship.  Rumor mill already has it that National Guardsmen are being eyed for deportation duty to supposed illegal immigrants, but hey, why stop there?  What other undesirables are out there?  Disabled? Jews? Opponents?  Welcome to the 21st Einlösung, my friends.  If you let it.  IF YOU LET IT!

As Edmund Burke stated, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.  So, what are you doing?  Reading blogs?  Good start!  Get the anger!  Get the indignation!  The rich and the white supremacists of this country are out for you!  Your life, dreams, love, and existence is meaningless to them.  They would see you and your family dead in the street and wouldn’t lift a finger to help you.  If you are shaking your head and thinking that I am off my rocker, take a look at the bills being introduced into Congress.  Repeal of health care.  Dissolution of the EPA, Education, and social security.  Repuglican states are passing bills making it okay to run over protestors (

If you think that you matter or your are stuck believing that the meek shall inherit the Earth, you are fooling yourself.  You want to live, realize that you are already dead.  That will set you free.  This life that you are living is an illusion and if the comfort that you enjoy is enough for you then I pity you.  A life worth living is one that has purpose beyond oneself.

Get up, get involved, and above all, get angry.  Love and understanding only work on sentient beings, who have obtained a level of self-actualization on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that recognizes the value of each person.  These people, whom have ripped democracy from the people, are not those kind of people.  They are the zombie apocalypse made real: uncaring creatures, mindlessly bent on your destruction to feed their needs.

And we all know what one MUST do to zombies in order to survive.

A badib-bi, a badib-bi, ah that’s all folks!

Is that or is that not a great sentiment to rekindle the fires of hope and joy in a progressive’s heart?  With the resignation of the fruitcake Flynn, the mighty house of cards seems to be beginning its implosive crumbling.  Yet, how many times have we said that “this is it!”?  Far too many, so I don’t and refuse to raise my hopes on the matter.

However, that being said, I DO believe that the pax trumpana is maintaining only a tenuous hold on power in a time and place where tenuous is, for all intensive purposes, non-existent.

For me, the weight of this turn of events became real when I heard a journalist utter the fateful phrase that brought down another presidency in our past:  what does the president know and when did he know it?

What are the Vegas odds as to whether or not we will hear the anemic rejoinder, “I am not a crook.”?

Now, we read that the Russians are moving ballistic missiles into locations that violate a treaty with us.  I am sure that trump is mildly pleased that his bonn amie du cul is helping wave a shiny bauble to help distract attention away from the mounting calls for deeper investigations into traitorous acts by our little handed president.

When do you think that republicans will say that it is time for them to flee the sinking ship of state?  Is money and power worth the destruction of our government?  Is there money in that?

Stay strong, my friends. Be attentive to the news and people around you.  Do not go gently into that good night.  You are not alone in this.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” 
Samuel Clemens a.k.a Mark Twain



The Beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

This past weekend has shown a huge step forward in the resistance against the Cheetos president.  On the political front, members of his own party are throwing shade and taking that important first step away from the fiddling Nero.  Democrats are taking stances and around the country, governors and state-level politicians are pushing back against the orange-one’s push toward the cliffs of ruin and despair.  Around the globe, politicians are also taking a stance against a reinvigorated and presumptive, but ill-advised, US push toward hegemony and are challenging the US on every topic.  Economically, business and individuals are divesting themselves from the trump brand, which is hurting him and his family where it hurts the most: the pocket.  Politicians have also made a huge push to get him to turn over his tax records by citing a 1920s law.  Nothing like dusting off antique laws to get your point across.

On the military front, more and more general officers and flag officers are stepping up to challenge the sanity of this administration’s foreign policy decisions.  The ship of state is veering heavily off course and it does not bode well for America at all.  Americans seem to be stepping up and taking action as well.  I am happy to say that a leader of the KKK was assassinated (  Could this be the start of the next civil war or an internal Phoenix-like program by concerned and well-armed progressive Americans (

The trump administration, like no other in this author’s memory, is listing heavily with less than 100 days in.  Is it possible that we will see a 9-11 style attack to help galvanize support around trump, like 9-11 did from GW Bush?  It seems like the trump administration is at the very least trying desperately to invent one: Bowling Green Massacre, may we never remember.  My fear is that like the Reichstag Fire, 9-11, and the Iranian Hostage Crisis, trump may find or create something to solidify his grasp on power.

To what extent should we worry about this?  Personally, I think very much so.  Unlike the past, where histrionics played heavily in the national discourse, this president is openly being discussed as mentally impaired.  Will we see section 4 of the 25th Amendment invoked (  The drumbeats seem to indicate that this is a potential course of action.  Will it be good for the US?  I have to say, yes.  The world already views us poorly and trump is not helping our cause any (

In any event, momentum seems to be with us, we few, we pissed-off few –actually, rather quiet a lot, but paraphrasing the St. Crispin’s Day Speech is my intent and saying “we majority…” doesn’t have the same impact.

Keep up the good work.  Resist.  This could be the beginning of the end, but beware.  Watch for his attempt to co-opt the people into false patriotism.  He is an elected official and we do not have to be loyal to him.  We can take care of ourselves.

Illegitimi non carborundum, my friends.

White people, white pride, white the fuck?

Okay, so I have always been confused about pride. First off, the last that I checked, it wasn’t a color that accomplished things, it was the individual or group of individuals, but not a color.

I have also never thought that any one group was inherently better than any other. Where did that come from?

Anyway, here we are in the 21st, where racial superiority is rearing its ugly head again. Like the racial purists of the mid-20th Century, our modern day, and self-declared white saviors, hate anyone, who does not reflect their myopic beliefs.

Despite the promise of progressive programs, they have seized upon the promises of the wealthy to lead us all into a glorious age of profit and Christian greatness. Albeit, without a large swath of our population. You can bank of the fact that many of them will leap at the opportunity to stoke the flames of the ovens and pry gold from teeth.

With the recent revelation by the FBI that many police departments have been infiltrated by white supremacists (, the fact that white supremacists are in our military (, and that our own government have white supremacists in the halls of power ( , the painful truth is that sooner (and not ‘if’) than later, we are going to see a terrific bloodletting. We cannot trust the government, our police, or our military to defend us. WE MUST DEFEND OURSELVES!

I am a subject matter expert in terrorism and insurgency.  I have walked in countries, where I saw the government fall and the people oppressed.  I saw the deaths that ensued.  Those, who had the weapons, made the rules.  You can google any of the major crises in history, where people had to grapple with personal ideology, you will find that none of them occurred spontaneously, none of them were without death, and none of them were resolved without violence.  You may not personally believe in violence, but violence does not require your belief.  It will kill you despite your most ardent refutations.

The questions that you must answer yourself goes as follows:

  1. Do I believe that all life is sacred and should not be infringed?
  2. Am I willing to remain silent while others suffer?
  3. What am I willing to sacrifice for my beliefs?

No one can answer those questions for you.  YOU have to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror each morning.  Take it from me, doing something unpalatable to one’s personal ethical standards, is not something to undertake lightly.  YOU will not sleep well.  YOU will not like yourself.  YOU WILL suffer each day.

So, as I have preached, better to arm yourself and not need than to not arm yourself at all.  The worst thing that can happen is that you have a gun.  You don’t have to buy new. You don’t have to buy the most expensive.  Get one from a parent, a grandparent, from pawn, or long-term borrow.

I suspect that with all the fear mongering and saber rattling, the next terror attack –regardless of religion or ethnicity– will push trump to issue some form of martial law, which will have a lot of support from his base (  I don’t know about you, but I cannot again stand by while people are murdered.  I will fight and most likely die, but as the novel goes, “it is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”  We all die.  I just want to die better than I have lived.

What about you?  What is your tipping point?

360 degree ambush

Honestly, I have no idea where to start today, so hence the title. There has been so many false assertions that it is almost too difficult to muddle through any single one. HOWEVER! Taking a step back, it becomes easier to make out the forest, this Gordian Knot of lies, this tangled web trump weaves.

The increase in the fear quotient, the denunciation of respected pillars inside our government, the seeding of lies, and the aberrant behavior, all keep America on the edge of its seat in order to galvanize support behind his Ozymandian aspirations.

Fear is the mind-killer, the little death that causes obliteration, so Frank Herbert asserted. Meaning that our fear will trump (pun intended) our rational minds. In fear trump trusts because history has shown that we DO become the monsters on Maple Street when reason is abandoned. We turn on each other, we turn on the unknown, we turn away from our liberties in search of that Mazlowian first layer chunk of safety.

Do not give into that fear. Do not believe the words that are coming out of his mouth. Do not believe the news. Do not believe me. Find out for yourself. Don’t be Americanically lazy and accept all that is presented to you, wrapped up neatly for your consumption. Shake off the lethargy of the 21st Century and do so damn reading and research. This is not the same as accepting one person’s opinion. Lies are best kept by one person and when you start adding more people into that circle, the truth is harder to keep hidden.

Right now, we and the world are being inundated with lies of the highest order; these fed to us by the crown prince and princess of deception, Spicer and Conway –with the Court Jester, Bannon, being the Rasputinian puppet master. If you look to them for clarity, you may as well be trying to learn spoken Sanskrit.

Do I believe that this is a concerted effort on part of the administration? Well, it is kind of like Global Warming. It is happening, but is it solely man-made? A natural event? The product of both? I don’t know exactly, but it is happening and denying it is just ignoring the facts.

There are many like-minded people out there, my friends. Like-minded like us. From the lowliest custodial engineer, to the most well-educated in the world, and they are equally afraid. Not of little brown terrorists putting babies on bayonets or a brown communist agenda, but from the precipice of chaos that this administration seems hell bent to drive us.

Join groups, read blogs from real people, start your own, post your stories to websites! Keep US informed of the going-ons in and around you. Become the voice of reason in this chorus of discord. As our incredible President FDR once said, all we have to fear, is fear itself.

Remember Ceasar, thou art human.

The last few days have thankful shown us that there remain in our government, those, who put the nation above politics and their own self-interest. Take a moment to thank those people because I am sure that they are experiencing blow-back from being courageous –by doing their job, might I add, when doing so is highly discouraged.

As you can see and read, the kamikaze, divine winds of destruction, is upon us and we must all adapt: advance like it when we can and bend to it when we must. However, always remain resolute, rooted into the firmament like the mountain. So has Sun Tzu stated and done. His words still are read by the best strategists and I know from what I have seen and read, many of his concepts are being applied against us. Adopt them as your own!

What does all that mean to you if you have not read Sun Tzu? It means that battles will be fought in which we win and lose, but do not give up your principles, do not give into despair, and fight how best you can.

No matter how powerful the person, remember that they are human. They have foibles, they have weaknesses, they have a will, and they have morale. All of these can be co-opted and exploited.

Be the ever constant and presence grain of sand in his shoe. Do not relent on email mailing, calling, or writing everyone, who will listen –and even those who won’t.

Save formats for your letters, your emails, your flyers, etc. Trade them among yourselves to help vary the message. Place them (neatly and with concern for despoiling the environment) everywhere where they will be noticed.

Always remind people of the travesties being conducted by the US on behest of trump’s ego and greed.

As Sun Tzu stated: “He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.”

Man up. You’re the friggin’ President.

You are , despite you’re seeming desire not to be, the Commander and Chief, don. You made the call, you didn’t listen to the advice of those around you, you are responsible. Our lives may mean nothing to you, but they certainly mean something to us.

His actions in this instant alone makes him truly unfit to be Commander and Chief. I know that it can’t be done, but this honor should be stripped from him. Give it to someone, who understands and knows the issues and dangers inherent to all military operations, but especially to those that involve special operation forces. This is not a business deal, this is not a bunch of hookers, this is real life.

Sorry that you can’t enjoy your presidency because of reality impinging upon your fantasy world. Actions have consequences and reactions despite your desire for them not to. You are a rich and powerful man, I got it. However, that doesn’t make you eminently qualified for this position.

Do yourself, the US, and the world a favor, we will view you positively for it, give you parades, lavish praise, whatever it takes, but just resign. This is too big a job for you.

That should be our slogan. We will love you again, if you just resign. Sometimes during interrogations, a person will crack if they know that no shame will be on them. Maybe this is an instance, an extrapolation of that. He may feel too ashamed to quit. Let’s let him know that we will love him again, make no mention of his abortive presidency, and will shower him with (no, not urine) praise.

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