I am one of a growing legion of Americans and others, who find the current environment has become an abomination for what America is supposed to stand.  So, I made the decision that I will support my friends and like-minded individuals in the way that I know best: self-defense and the promotion of self-efficacy.

With nearly a quarter of a century of military training, war-fighting, martial arts, and master’s level of study on insurgency and counter-terrorism, I started my own personal self-defense company.  It was never my intent to start a blog, but with the rise of hate-crimes with the new political winds, I feel that I need to reach out to as many people as I can to teach them how to defend themselves.

This blog can never take the place of hands-on training, but I hope that I can start a spark in you to go get the training that you need.  Furthermore, I will post on more than just the physical aspect of defense, but the mental, and the spirit and nature of collective protection.

This will also be a place where rumination on what being an American really means and on intellectualism, and to vent our rage.

All are welcome, but be advised, this is a progressive/liberal environment.  No racism, bigotry, or anti-LGBT sentiments will be tolerated.