In a missive sent for US service members of Italian descent, prior to the Invasion of Sicily in WWII, GEN Patton wrote: “There are thousands of Soldiers of Italian descent, who will be storming ashore with Seventh Army. However, bear in mind that the real courageous Italians, who lived liberty and who had the true pioneering spirit, left Italy to come to the country of freedom, where they had become good citizens. Those, who were left behind, were the cowards or weaklings, who allowed Benito Mussolini to come to power. Against them I know you as an American Soldier will not fail in your duty.”

It fell upon these men and women to fight their own country men, to fight against brother, to fight against the beliefs of those not only physically, but ideological separated. That Great Generation heeded the call and put morality and justice ahead of familial ties.

So, are you ready?