I can’t really say Happy Independence Day because it is just a day a bunch of rich guys decided to publish a document declaring independence from another group of rich white people. Also, slaves weren’t freed on this day, so it means little for them or their descendants. Furthermore, women didn’t get the right to vote till much later. Lastly, the original document didn’t have many of the follow-on amendments that offered protections against other potential issues. So, for me, today is just a day in which we lie about our free (considered liberal back in the day) nation. We live now in a country that is worse off than it was in 1776 or really 1783 (when the war ended). Why worse? Because we should Know better, but we still have racism, bigotry, rule by the rich, diminishing freedoms, and are looked down upon as an experiment in the throes of failure.
So, drink your beer, set off your fireworks, and lie to yourselves.
Just remember, tomorrow will be the same as today.