As the incredibly insensitive pun goes, what do you say to a person with two black eyes: Nothing that hasn’t already been said twice.

Yes, a sterile version, but I think that there lies a more profound intent behind the pun that may now extend to any and all. Our trump-voting and supporting contingent are in the throes of Stockholm Syndrome in the utmost, and our world has seen this all before.  Oh, Nietzsche, you should feel righteous indignation toward this iteration in the eternal recurrence.

With the nearly daily barrage of betrayal and corruption coming out of the White House at nearly fire hydrant volumes and force, I am saddened to see that only a few repugs are publicly voicing concern.  However, as was written, they are reluctant to toss this creature aside until they have achieved their purgative goals.  Sad, isn’t it, that the best for the nation and the world is second to prayer in school and the destruction of Obama’s legacy?

What is worse is that we all know that had President Obama or HRC done even 1 % of 1% of what our cheeto-faced troglodyte is accused (and documented) of doing, there would have been utter pandemonium on the Right.  They would have been  leading marches to lynch BHO and HRC.  Yes, I do know that I used “lynch” and I did mean to given the types of creatures that inhabit the repug party.

I am not stating anything revelatory, but merely posting exposition. Whatever the outcome, we as a country need to take a hard look at ourselves. While bigotry and misogyny has long been the understood invisible elephant in the room, I don’t think that we can afford to move forward with this same attitude.

I have heard so many apologists for trump supporters FROM OUR SIDE! I am sorry, but I cannot accept any defense for their behavior and they should be held accountable for it. This thing in the WH made clear his disregard for anyone other than nice white voters. Decent people don’t do that. You, oh my brothers, do not go around insulting the disabled, intimate the beating of protestors, and make insinuating remarks about others.   We have seen so far the arrest of reporters, the beating of protestors, the gathering of hate groups to protest against decency, the nepotism and despotism worthy of any 3rd World Dictator, the passing of our allies’ intelligence to a hostile foreign power, and the firing of men and women, trying to root out this cancer.  This behavior from him and his sycophants is what I expect from IS or AQ or conservative Islamic countries. I expect this of Putin.

Yet, here we are.

Here we are, in the 21st Century, in a country once held in highest regard for its forward and innovative thinking, for its democracy and fairness, that is in free fall in respect, dignity, and regard by other free countries.

Yet, we meekly go back to our jobs, grumbling about how he is ruining us, quietly sit while white supremacists (NOT nationalists!!! Never couch the evil that men do in softer tones) walk brazenly in the open.

As Edmund Burke stated, “he only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Be better, be loud, don’t let them seize the narrative any longer least we find ourselves huddled in an attic, while a Horst Wessel ode drowns out our suffering and pleas for mercy.