trump, King of the Deplorables. Elevated to the highest office in the US for our collective sins.

When I first heard that term “Deplorables”, I have to admit to it being a cringe-worthy moment. First blush had me thinking that she had misread the public animus at politics as usual. However, a mere six months later, and I feel that she correctly pegged the nom de guerre for these supporters.

Where do we stand now, my brothers (collective term, ladies, you are brothers, too)? A country swallowing the bitterest of pills as men and women, whom we would generally not allow around our children, are dictating policy. The world laughing at us! Oh, Lafayette, if ever we needed a savior at our darkest hour, we need you now.   America, our home, the World’s democratic beacon, Her candle, Diogenes’ descendant, is flickering precariously in the hurricane forces of fascism.

This past week has the world bear witness to our most dirtiest laundry: Yates describing the flippancy of a hubristic, political neophyte; the roll-back of a decade’s worth of progress; the firing of the FBI Director (who is almost single-highhandedly responsible for the quasi-election of the feckless fop –ironic isn’t it? No deed goes unpunished to paraphrase) at the recommendation of Sessions, himself a criminal; and what better picture (worth more than 1000s of words) to show the utter contempt for US than that of a smiling, laughing, and self-congratulatory group of white men at the passing of a health careless bill that many on the modern day and American-style NAZI party have admitted to not reading!

This period could be the prequel to any dystopic novel ever written.

How Russia Elected the President of the Unites States or How I Came to Love the One State. This should be the next book to hit the shelves –before reading is banned, of course. Oh, you firemen of 451, I hear you readying your torches now.

World War II was the Greatest Generation’s time. They defeated tyranny and created something that shook the world. After that, our fathers and mothers rested on the laurels of their parents and created a permissive environment where the shadows of xenophobia and hatred could fester.

We are the children of rape by a thousand thousands fathers. This rape is a crime perpetrated on American ideals by fear-mongers, by grifters, by the hyper-elite, and by our own lack of vigilance.

Our system, our “representatives”, our “checks-and-balances” are no longer in working order. The time for talk is at an end. In the military, what I suggest now, is called “energizing the network” and it is not for the faint-hearted. Go, get up, as that movie of our halcyon youth chided us, and scream in voice and action, that you are angry and you are not going to take this anymore. As it stands now, in case you missed it, you have nothing left to lose. We are at the brink of war with several countries and several transnational violent extremist organizations, we are one misstep away from our own Reichstag Fire and the fall into totalitarianism, we are on the verge of extinction as the United States. As I queried my students not long ago: What is the single greatest existential threat to the United States? To my surprise, they responded with “we are.”

Do not go quietly into that night.