My absence from posting is the result of a confluence of events, none of which are related to the topic at hand, but caused me to refrain from writing for a short time.  These events have, however, given me pause to think about how they affected me and how they shaped this posting.

First, I lost a friend: A very dear friend.  The loss was as a result of my more staunch support of, as Malcolm X would have said, change by any means possible.  I had to think about how I felt and feel about the matters of state and my personal relationships.  Truth be told, this was not the first time that my personal beliefs have impinged upon my life.  A dozen years or so, a woman with whom I was deeply in love challenged my love with the statement of “Do I accept Jesus as my personal savior?”  My first reaction was to laugh, which by the way was the wrong one, because I did not think that she was serious.  She was.  I could not bring myself to say so even though I knew that that question was the make or break moment. I don’t feel that way about religion.  Needless to say, I was given the opportunity to enter the dating pool again.

So, while then it was more clear-cut as to the binary nature of the question, I am more hurt now in my decision because it was not a request for a yea or nay: it was only a tone-it-down.

Hurt, but unrepentant. There comes a time in every person’s life when they are presented with something so anathema to their core and central beliefs that they must, absolutely must, stand with conviction not for their own relative safety and comfort, but for the righteousness of the act.

We live here in the US, where political rallies are infiltrated with white supremacists and hate groups; our purported elected president is an amoral and wholly undignified person; our country is being raped by men and women, who have no vested interest in our well-being or that of America collectively; where a leader is openly hostile to the greater proportion of America, what disagrees with him; and our way of life is being systematically whittled away.

So, no,  I am unable to subsume my loathing of these people for my own comfort.  I wholly support whatever actions are necessary to return America to democracy. I am old, so I have no fear of pain or death at this point.