I am writing this from a hotel in Boston proper, literally overlooking the site of the Boston Massacre. Remember that from high school history classes? Ironically enough, home of the Boston Tea Party and The Sons of Liberty –fighting against tyranny.   Having experienced the Obama administration and the disrespect by the right toward him, I am somewhat humbled by being at ground zero of the American Revolutionary War, fought against a mad tyrant by men and women, who wanted representation and self-determination so badly that they took up arms against their own government. Earlier, I stated that I was experiencing a sense of irony.  I said that because the rabble that sought to slander President Obama and his good works, did so because the respect for life and decency by that man was anathema to those, who find gay people, minorities, and intellect nothing more than sub-human.

Moreover, the founders of our nation, and this is more than just Founding Fathers to me because this Nation was formed not through fancy words written upon hemp paper, but through the sacrifices of whites, blacks, Hispanics, straight, gay, man, and woman.  This collective determined that the injustices and perturbations had grown beyond the acceptable: corruption, nepotism, murder, and the dilution of their voices in the political process.

My visit caused me reflect on more recent, but equally powerful events.

Yesterday.  Had we not bore witness to the righteous inclusion of those same “minorities” in our world? Had we not kindled a flame to light the world that was chasing the shades of kleptocracy, racism, ethnocentrism, and of xenophobia? Did we not, the goodly and enlightened, clasp hands with one and other in a pledge of solidarity, echoing the sentiments of never again?

Today. The light is not extinguished, but it is most certainly shielded. We clasp each other now, not in joyousness, but in fear. Our proud nation transmogrified from a shining example of democracy and intellectualism into an absurd parody akin to Moon Over Parador with our golden-hair plugged leader raping our ideals, our character, our people with the hubristic phallus of his febrile utterances and actions.

Tomorrow. The Tree of Liberty must be from time to time refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots.