If all the world is a stage, America has become a tragic three-ringed circus. Our president, and it pains me to even write that, is an over-privileged and uneducated –at least in terms of governing– whelp, surrounded by sycophantic scum, who will scurry away from him faster than cockroaches from the light.

Yet, I fear that even with all the scandal, all the lies, and all the cow-towing to the alt-right (A.K.A. racist pigs), our Republican representatives will not impeach him because they have their greedy, little hands upon all the levers of power.  Why would they risk that for something as anachronistic as the rule of law?

As for our democratic representatives, well, the Democratic Party is dead.  In fact, with progressives gerrymandered and blocked by laws and rules imposed by Republicans, any chance of leverage in the government at the federal level is all but out of reach.  The same goes for most of the state governments.  No, in this representative government, we have no voice.

What are out options?  Well, for starters, it may be time to start registering as Republicans and getting someone on the platform, who may represent our ideals.  However, with money being so prevalent and pernicious, we may not be able to take that route either.  It would be necessary to out-bid the corporate and wealthy donors, but can we?  I don’t think that there are enough of us poor, who could scrap together the requisite bribes to buy favor in the government. So, maybe we are lost all together?

Should we march en mass and tear down the very bricks (or whatever building material makes up the blackened heart of the government)?  Should we form up by ranks and conduct our own storming of the Bastille? Sadly, as progressives, the greater majority of you don’t have the requisite skill sets, mind-set, or balls to do that.  Sorry.  That is harsh, but violence will happen down that path and there will be plenty of trump supporters, who are armed, vicious, and truly set on hurting progressives.

I believe that one of our few remaining options left, and likely the one that will work best, is to appeal directly to the corporations, super-elites, and power holders, who own our representatives.  The facade has become completely off during this election cycle and I for one am tired of the third party theatrics.  Our politicians are nothing but figureheads, puppets, whose strings are pulled by others.  They only care about us during the year-long wind up to their election/re-election and then they promise the world, but deliver nothing.

If we want something done, we need to find the top donors to our politicians and then go to them AND NOT the politician in question.

It’s either that or march.  Personally, as a former soldier, war is in my nature, but one person can’t go anything.

What do you think?  How broken are we?