Doth passes a fine fellow, named democracy.  Not with a bang, but with a whimper.  Where were you when democracy died?

Attacks upon dissent, attacks upon the media, attacks on protest, and still we watch and do nothing.  Even though Bin Laden lauded his”bleed-until-bankruptcy plan” in October 2004, which has cost the US trillions of dollars to date, I wonder if he also knew that his thousand cuts would also lead to the eventual destruction of our democracy?

To date, our grand leader has proposed the increase in military spending, a wall, hiring more security forces, and the literal ban of Islamic people into our country –at least from nations, where he doesn’t have business interests.  Republicans are pushing for criminal penalties for protesting, media is not allowed to report facts, and now we see that private prisons are back on the menu.  This movie has been seen before and it doesn’t end well for us.

Unless, of course, you are a nice Christian white male then you have it made.

What should you be doing at this junction?  Well, if you are protesting, writing emails to your representatives, and boycotting Republican businesses, keep it up!  If you aren’t doing those things, well start!  What the hell are you waiting for?

Besides all those wonderful suggestions, you should be thinking of the way ahead for us.  An interesting article that I read today focused on the premise that enough Republican governors are almost in play to call for a Constitutional Convention to propose new amendments to the Constitution, which could be devastating for our Republic.  Imagine if there were an amendment banning the 1st Amendment or at the least amending the Amendment?  How does a Christian Nation sound?  The Christian United States of America make your blood run cold?

We have been focusing so long on federal concerns that our states have turned into small fascist nations.  The Republicans have put up child molesters and won representation.  We progressives have put up ivory tower elites and lost.  It is time that we fight fire with fire.  We need to recapture positions from the lowest rungs of politics before we can start cheering ever again.  We need to be a force across the political spectrum.  We need to register as Republicans and vote in their primaries in order to get at least decent people into the process again and not crack pots or political puppets of the super elites.

No one person has the answer.  We need to be more involved in the progressive political process before we nominate another damaged candidate.  We need to fight tooth and nail to be a voice in this and not just a check writer.  Start writing the DNC, start writing to independent organizations, and let’s get candidates into the fray, who are true leaders and representatives of our ideals.

It is better to die with honor than live like slaves, so let’s think beyond the old paradigms.  trump cannot become the last freely elected leader of this country.  It is a disgrace to all, whom have perished in defense of America, and a disservice to our children.