Another quixotic week has passed us by with more and more hypnagogic jerks than this author would have liked to see in his lifetime.  This is our new norm and as a sufferer of PTSD, I can tell you that it is not comforting in the least.

If you are not a student of history or have not taken an interest in studying demagoguery, you need to start brushing up.  Our comrade and chief is working the magic of fake charisma and passion plays to his utmost ability.  I give him that.  Like dictators, he has a quality to rouse the populaces’ hatred against targets like no other.

He has turned his attention to the news media in order to invalidate their credibility in the eyes of the beholder.  DO NOT LET HIM GET TO YOU.  In Latin, Illegitimi non carborundum!

His and his sycophantic minions have developed a vast coterie of collaborators that devour his words with a cannibalistic fervor.  While I figure that the camps, I rather liken this to the book The Stand, are already established, their strength cannot be underestimated.  Once the news media is denounced, who is next?  He has already laid the burden of all our woes on the immigrants.  Being a grandson of immigrants, I find his tirade and those of his cretins to be more than mildly offensive.  What do you feel?  What do you think?

I feel that the ardor of his wrath will fall upon the LGBT demographic and then to those of us, who are his perceived enemies.  Personally, I have no issue with being an enemy of his.

This is not the America that we once enjoyed and it is slowly becoming the enemy of the world.  DO NOT LET HIM DO THIS!

Should our representatives in Congress fail in their charge to defend against the seizure of power, it will fall upon us to ensure our own safety.  If you are not making preparations for this, you should start.  6 more months.  I give our republic 6 more months.

Consider me a fool, a rabble-rouser,   or just a whach-job, but I have 3 master’s degrees and 24 years of experience in defense, counter-terrorism, and insurgency study.  I made a life-time out of studying the signs and precursors to the fall of governments.  We are solidly on that path.

Look for yourselves.  Don’t trust me.  Don’t trust HIM.  Read, research, and watch.  You will come to the disheartening conclusion that I speak truth.