This past weekend has shown a huge step forward in the resistance against the Cheetos president.  On the political front, members of his own party are throwing shade and taking that important first step away from the fiddling Nero.  Democrats are taking stances and around the country, governors and state-level politicians are pushing back against the orange-one’s push toward the cliffs of ruin and despair.  Around the globe, politicians are also taking a stance against a reinvigorated and presumptive, but ill-advised, US push toward hegemony and are challenging the US on every topic.  Economically, business and individuals are divesting themselves from the trump brand, which is hurting him and his family where it hurts the most: the pocket.  Politicians have also made a huge push to get him to turn over his tax records by citing a 1920s law.  Nothing like dusting off antique laws to get your point across.

On the military front, more and more general officers and flag officers are stepping up to challenge the sanity of this administration’s foreign policy decisions.  The ship of state is veering heavily off course and it does not bode well for America at all.  Americans seem to be stepping up and taking action as well.  I am happy to say that a leader of the KKK was assassinated (  Could this be the start of the next civil war or an internal Phoenix-like program by concerned and well-armed progressive Americans (

The trump administration, like no other in this author’s memory, is listing heavily with less than 100 days in.  Is it possible that we will see a 9-11 style attack to help galvanize support around trump, like 9-11 did from GW Bush?  It seems like the trump administration is at the very least trying desperately to invent one: Bowling Green Massacre, may we never remember.  My fear is that like the Reichstag Fire, 9-11, and the Iranian Hostage Crisis, trump may find or create something to solidify his grasp on power.

To what extent should we worry about this?  Personally, I think very much so.  Unlike the past, where histrionics played heavily in the national discourse, this president is openly being discussed as mentally impaired.  Will we see section 4 of the 25th Amendment invoked (  The drumbeats seem to indicate that this is a potential course of action.  Will it be good for the US?  I have to say, yes.  The world already views us poorly and trump is not helping our cause any (

In any event, momentum seems to be with us, we few, we pissed-off few –actually, rather quiet a lot, but paraphrasing the St. Crispin’s Day Speech is my intent and saying “we majority…” doesn’t have the same impact.

Keep up the good work.  Resist.  This could be the beginning of the end, but beware.  Watch for his attempt to co-opt the people into false patriotism.  He is an elected official and we do not have to be loyal to him.  We can take care of ourselves.

Illegitimi non carborundum, my friends.