Honestly, I have no idea where to start today, so hence the title. There has been so many false assertions that it is almost too difficult to muddle through any single one. HOWEVER! Taking a step back, it becomes easier to make out the forest, this Gordian Knot of lies, this tangled web trump weaves.

The increase in the fear quotient, the denunciation of respected pillars inside our government, the seeding of lies, and the aberrant behavior, all keep America on the edge of its seat in order to galvanize support behind his Ozymandian aspirations.

Fear is the mind-killer, the little death that causes obliteration, so Frank Herbert asserted. Meaning that our fear will trump (pun intended) our rational minds. In fear trump trusts because history has shown that we DO become the monsters on Maple Street when reason is abandoned. We turn on each other, we turn on the unknown, we turn away from our liberties in search of that Mazlowian first layer chunk of safety.

Do not give into that fear. Do not believe the words that are coming out of his mouth. Do not believe the news. Do not believe me. Find out for yourself. Don’t be Americanically lazy and accept all that is presented to you, wrapped up neatly for your consumption. Shake off the lethargy of the 21st Century and do so damn reading and research. This is not the same as accepting one person’s opinion. Lies are best kept by one person and when you start adding more people into that circle, the truth is harder to keep hidden.

Right now, we and the world are being inundated with lies of the highest order; these fed to us by the crown prince and princess of deception, Spicer and Conway –with the Court Jester, Bannon, being the Rasputinian puppet master. If you look to them for clarity, you may as well be trying to learn spoken Sanskrit.

Do I believe that this is a concerted effort on part of the administration? Well, it is kind of like Global Warming. It is happening, but is it solely man-made? A natural event? The product of both? I don’t know exactly, but it is happening and denying it is just ignoring the facts.

There are many like-minded people out there, my friends. Like-minded like us. From the lowliest custodial engineer, to the most well-educated in the world, and they are equally afraid. Not of little brown terrorists putting babies on bayonets or a brown communist agenda, but from the precipice of chaos that this administration seems hell bent to drive us.

Join groups, read blogs from real people, start your own, post your stories to websites! Keep US informed of the going-ons in and around you. Become the voice of reason in this chorus of discord. As our incredible President FDR once said, all we have to fear, is fear itself.