The last few days have thankful shown us that there remain in our government, those, who put the nation above politics and their own self-interest. Take a moment to thank those people because I am sure that they are experiencing blow-back from being courageous –by doing their job, might I add, when doing so is highly discouraged.

As you can see and read, the kamikaze, divine winds of destruction, is upon us and we must all adapt: advance like it when we can and bend to it when we must. However, always remain resolute, rooted into the firmament like the mountain. So has Sun Tzu stated and done. His words still are read by the best strategists and I know from what I have seen and read, many of his concepts are being applied against us. Adopt them as your own!

What does all that mean to you if you have not read Sun Tzu? It means that battles will be fought in which we win and lose, but do not give up your principles, do not give into despair, and fight how best you can.

No matter how powerful the person, remember that they are human. They have foibles, they have weaknesses, they have a will, and they have morale. All of these can be co-opted and exploited.

Be the ever constant and presence grain of sand in his shoe. Do not relent on email mailing, calling, or writing everyone, who will listen –and even those who won’t.

Save formats for your letters, your emails, your flyers, etc. Trade them among yourselves to help vary the message. Place them (neatly and with concern for despoiling the environment) everywhere where they will be noticed.

Always remind people of the travesties being conducted by the US on behest of trump’s ego and greed.

As Sun Tzu stated: “He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.”