You are , despite you’re seeming desire not to be, the Commander and Chief, don. You made the call, you didn’t listen to the advice of those around you, you are responsible. Our lives may mean nothing to you, but they certainly mean something to us.

His actions in this instant alone makes him truly unfit to be Commander and Chief. I know that it can’t be done, but this honor should be stripped from him. Give it to someone, who understands and knows the issues and dangers inherent to all military operations, but especially to those that involve special operation forces. This is not a business deal, this is not a bunch of hookers, this is real life.

Sorry that you can’t enjoy your presidency because of reality impinging upon your fantasy world. Actions have consequences and reactions despite your desire for them not to. You are a rich and powerful man, I got it. However, that doesn’t make you eminently qualified for this position.

Do yourself, the US, and the world a favor, we will view you positively for it, give you parades, lavish praise, whatever it takes, but just resign. This is too big a job for you.

That should be our slogan. We will love you again, if you just resign. Sometimes during interrogations, a person will crack if they know that no shame will be on them. Maybe this is an instance, an extrapolation of that. He may feel too ashamed to quit. Let’s let him know that we will love him again, make no mention of his abortive presidency, and will shower him with (no, not urine) praise.