Where are my taggers and other graffiti artists? Where are my poster or flyer hangers? Direct mailers? Not a day goes by where I don’t get something or see something poster that has no societal value. People, as a retired , but trained psychological operations practitioner, I can’t emphasis enough the power of those media! Some of the messages going out are way too long.

K.I.S.S. for the general public. They don’t don’t have the time to read and analyze long messages. This is why trump was so successful in his messaging –albeit as disreputable as it was. He fed the id of his minions and made them feel as if they were not alone and had a champion for their nearly inhumane desires. Learn from his successes.

Also, please, spell and use proper grammar. Pet peeve of mine, but credibility is very key not only to the target audience, but to a much larger demographic –should it make the news or the like. It’s part and parcel when it comes to professionalism.

That being said. I recommend that we make more professional, but not overly so, signs. Dress well, test well goes the saying, so I suggest that we do better. Let the alt-right look like knuckle-dragging cave dwellers (which they are).

I also say that it is time to start leafleting cars. Print out great pics and work in some verbiage, if it isn’t already there, of anti-trump slogans. We know that he is trumplethinskin and I do love the “president Bannon” slogan. It attacks trump’s ego and if given enough time, I am sure that the jealous part of trump will rise up to fire Bannon if we can convince trump that Bannon deserves all the credit.

However, if you think of the administration as like a house with trump as the roof, think of his coterie as the walls. You want the roof to come down, attack the walls! He has a lot of people on his staff, who have thin skins and are not used to being attacked. Be a bulldog and go for the throat! Attack these people (verbally) and their families!

Please, don’t tell me that families are off the table. Remember all the people, whom are subject to attacks by the empowered white supremacists. Are those families off-limits? No. Are fellow Americans’, who are gay or lesbian or trangendered, off-limits? What about the families of Native Americans, whose lands are being ripped up out from under them, off-limits? Stop playing for a political negotiated win. History shows that those don’t last. Total war, total victory, no limits.

If you are under the impression that our enemies are thinking anything less, I suggest that you catch up on your news: we are losing totally.