If you haven’t come to the inevitable conclusion that the US is about to go to war with somebody in the next few months, you are only deluding yourself. With both China and co-president Bannon both calling for war, the US threatening Iran, and the co-president trump threatening to send troops into Mexico, and president of Russian and co-president of the US putin invading farther into the Ukraine, something has to give.

What’s worse is that at the same time a veritable modern day set of Nuremberg Laws are being installed through the use of what truly is executive over-reach. Now I am reading that Texas’ governor is pushing to have the sheriffs there fall under DHS. DHS!!! A federal agency, people. That would mean that those sheriffs would have to follow federal law and take orders from basically the president. Martial law would be even easier to impose. I am sure that there are some good police out there, who would not obey, but probably few and far between. Not all states are considering this, but I am sure that the red states are.

So, if you were worried about things before, well, good morning! Things are worse.

I know that we can’t be turning on each other that we should reach out to those, who are starting to think that maybe they made a bad decision, but it is hard to think that way for me. They betrayed our Nation. But I am willing to suggest triage for this situation. Triage in how you care and help and trust people. Here is a suggestion: 1. people, who are righteous in their belief of progressive thought (that you trust) 2. people, who are muted, but confess to hating trump 3. people, who are concerned, but don’t pay much attention 4. people, who voted for trump and now regret it 5. people, who voted for trump, hate the way things are going, but want to give him a chance 6. trump supporters

So, that would be my rank order, but to be honest, I will no longer help category 6 people.

I highly suggest that you stock up on food, water, guns, ammo, and other essentials. I suspect that in next few months, riots will get much worse here in the US and the comrade and chief is likely to call for a limited martial law. I wouldn’t be too surprised the way things are going that there will be road-blocks along state borders –for our protection from terrorists and bad hombres.

Engage with your local police to gauge how much support they are willing to give to any martial law. Find out, who among your neighbors, is a collaborator and be very wary of them. I bet that you will see a 1-800 tips line to report any Islamic extremists, but I am sure that they would be willing to get your name in their as a sympathizer.

I wish that I could say that things are going to be all right, but I have witnessed this same thing happen in Uganda and Afghanistan on differing levels. It doesn’t end well. Hell, it hasn’t even been two months and already we are virtually at war with everyone to include old allies.

Never forget, who did this to us: friends, family, and neighbors. You can forgive, that is not my job in life. I remember and I forget, forgiveness is somewhat a divine providence. However, I am certainly willing to help people meet those, who do have the power to forgive.