There is so much going on with this hateful pantheon of the tyrannical trump regime that one barely can make sense of what the heck is the direction they are taking. To that end, I neglected in my rush to get out my last blog, I failed to mention that your group also needs an intelligence division. These people need to go out and use open-source (the internet) to gather up and analyze to some degree where your limited resources should focus. Let’s face it, there are too many fights in that dog to be able to get at them all. Hence, my suggestion to coordinate with other groups to ensure close to 100% coverage concerning the machinations of our dear leader.

A beholder is a fantasy monster with many, many eyes, who can see in nearly perfect 360 degrees. This is what you should strive to be! A functional unit that has knowledge and understanding of the situation. Our supreme leader is playing such a near perfect game of division and obfuscation that without being always on the ball, we risk losing everything.

The frenetic pace that they have set, has likely caused you to miss that China announced yesterday that war with the US is inevitable; Russia has again put pressure to seize the Ukraine, and our allies are retracting from us; the repugnicant congress has also pushed through a bill that slashes social security and raises the retirement age for those of us 49 and younger; hate groups have stepped up their attacks on minorities; and CNN is one of the news agencies now banned from speaking with the admin’s talking heads. This is the fog of war, my friends. You likely didn’t see all that because of your forge hot anger.

In the absence of orders, my friends, attack, attack, attack!