So, with the resurgence of white supremacists, a friend has been telling me about KKK flyers (night letters) coming round, I am telling you, my friends, you need to get yourself armed. Yes, I know, you hate violence. Well, mutually assured destruction seemed to work well for the US and the USSR, so think of it in that terms. It is always better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Things in this country are on a downward spiral and it isn’t even close to being finished. Gays and lesbians are about to lose almost all of their rights as humans, social security and medicare are ending, and guess who is getting a tax cut? Yeah, the wealthy. Your friends and family have voted these things into office and like ticks, you will need to dig them out.

We poor are done unless we scare the shit out of these politicians and hate groups. They will always have us over a barrel. They have convinced almost half the nation that they will help and that it is the liberals’ fault. Horse crap! Now, they are throwing the scare tactics to frighten us into believing that we are in danger from the bad ol’ terrorists. Look, I worked in major military commands. The existential threat to the US is over-inflated. You are being lied to. The real threat is home grown and from the wealthy and hyper-elites.

If you believe in any sort of inter-generational justice, you will pick up whatever is at hand, and pull these monsters down.

This is not a call for change in government systems, but a call to take out the trash.

Oh! The pic is a DRD Tactical Kivaari .338 Lapua Mag with 24″ Barrel.