While may of my blogs seem rather biased towards violence, I assure you that I don’t condone the use of violence, except in self-defense, but I do encourage you to use the THREAT of violence as a show-of-force against the collaborators and fear mongers among us.

That being said, I strongly urge you to NOT go gently into the good night, so to say. Always be strong. The play by the this narcissistic regime is to cause protest fatigue. They hope that the endless parading and protests will eventually die down. Your outrage will become numb to the stupidity and evil that they do and that you will begin to say, “Well, we will elect them out of office and change everything back.” First off, that is so very wrong in any number of ways, but I do understand it. I say to you then that you don’t have to continually be out of doors, protesting. Get together with friends, make a group, connect to other groups, set up a schedule of protests, work stoppage, work slow downs, letter writing, etc. There will be times when you HAVE to stand united, but not always. In the military, when security was called for, there was time when 100% was required, but mostly, we had rotating guard shifts. You can’t be vigilant 24/7, but you can break that into shifts. On the other hand, the petty tyrant has fewer staff than you think to maintain 24/7 vigilance. You will force them into retreat by overwhelming them with continued PRESENCE.

An example is that you can break your cell into the information cell, which passes information of rallies, written email protests, blog posts and comments, flyers, etc on to you all and out to the general public. Have them do internal rotations of action among them. Another division in your cell of people could do manned protests, make placards and signs, and go interact with the general public on the topics (in person). Another division could work calling senators and congressman, writing newspapers for opinion and editorial pieces. The cells could rotate people in and out of other cells for cross-training, so that no more than 50% of a cell is new at any given time (keeps up operational tempo and institutional knowledge that can be passed on to the new members). In time, you can on-board new members and not miss a beat because the old cadre will be trained. This way, not everyone is working the same issues, but you are all cross-talking to keep on message, you don’t get bored doing the same things day-in and day-out, and you aren’t at 100% at the same time.

Just a little advice from this former special ops officer.