My friends, I have no desire to overthrow a government.  I like our government in general.  What I don’t like is the rise of tyranny.  This man and his cronies have no idea how to run a government and are not listening to anyone, who does.  Demote the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?  The only person on the NSC, who knows the military situation and can most adequately inform the President?  Sure, you are thinking that the SecDef can do that.  No, that means he will have to get briefings from the CJCS, which will have to be watered down because the SecDef has got a million other things to do.  I fear that Mattis will be ousted soon anyway because rumblings have it that he and Bannon are at odds.

The top civilians from the State Department have quit and trump fired all the appointed ambassadors on the new day of infamy (his inaug).  So, the ship of state is keeling over.  trumpf also doesn’t trust his triple letter agencies.  Who is he taking advice from?  Steve Bannon.  A movie director and founder for a neo-nazi radio station.

Somebody run that guy over!

As a progressive, you may think that I am overly biased and would have reacted this way to any repub elected.  Probably not.  I didn’t like Bush W, but I didn’t feel the need to arm myself and tell my friends to arm themselves.  I didn’t have friends attacked in the streets by thugs and white supremacists.  I didn’t think that we were in bed with our adversaries, the Russians.

Get up and out to protest, people.  Do not support in any way, fashion or form, the collaborators to this wanna-be king.  Friends and family, who support him, should not be your friends and you should denounce them as family.  Think of it!  They support a man, who wants to ban everything not white and christian.  How can you stand that?