Death by a thousand cuts was originally a form of execution before it became a phrase used to describe insurgent warfare.  You likely have heard this term before, but didn’t know the origins.  It is a very effective and devastating technique to erode morale and willpower.  First off, I DON’T recommend that you go out and engage in killing security forces -yet.  Time will tell if these forces will stand alongside fellow collaborators and the tyrant.

In the meantime, PREPARATION must be your watchword.  We need to recruit as many like-minded individuals from all walks of life.  Lingchi as a means of warfare is most effectively executed when friendly forces are in place everywhere.  Think of that as the extension of the oil spot theory –please, don’t mistake what General Be-tray-us said about the oil spot.  He stole it from Galula, who stole it from Hubert Lyautey.   The idea is to build up safe areas: areas where we, good Americans, have a secure place from the tyrant’s collaborators.  From those oil spots, we can reach out and conduct our re-taking or American operations or learn, who is the worse of the collaborators or who the key communicators for the collaborators are.  From this position, eventually, we will be able to conduct our resistance operations to thwart the tyrant and his minions.  You must think of them in this manner.  Those, who so willingly voted for a man, who has as his allies, white supremacists (Steve Bannon), are collaborators in the atrocities being committed against America and are enemies of everything for which America has stood.

I honestly think that the best movie for insurgency is Fight Club.  Really.  The lowest of our social class is always over-looked and disregarded.  Hell, read up how the Spartans were eventually taken out and you will see the power of the over-looked.  So, since we, as progressives are summarily dismissed and overlooked, I recommend that we start with our own and lower castes.  Yes, I think that there is a strong caste system in effect in the US.  We don’t see it because there is always the prospect/hope of moving up.

Anyway, look up counter-insurgency theory, especially some of the names that I have dropped.  We will come back to that again in later blogs.

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