Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but if you don’t look Caucasian in the US, you might as well pack up and get the f-out of dodge.

That is the message that these pseudo-humans, known as republicans, are sending you.  The first black President was discriminated against for 8 years.  Remember the “liar’ comment?  Black Lives Matter was summarily dismissed as a joke.  Forget about being Hispanic in the country.  You are nothing more than a criminal or rapist according to the current president (he doesn’t deserve capital fonts).  Chinese?  Well, shit.  If you aren’t tracking the news, trump’s lover, putin, is getting ready to enlist us to attack China, so there is a good chance that you will be rounded up and put into concentration camps here (remember WWII and the Japanese-Americans).  Native American?  You’re lands are ours for the taking.  Muslim?  Fuck you, buddy.  Get your sand-n#gger ass back to the Middle East.  THIS. IS. WHAT. THIS. COUNTRY. IS. NOW!

I ask you, military, police, DHS, BP, and others: Is this what you signed up to do?  If so, get yourself fitted for some jack-boots.  I am sure that you will look spiffy with a swastika on your arm.

If you support these actions, you are trash.  If you do nothing or say nothing, you are worse than trash.

WAKE. UP.  The republican rich do not care about us.  We are disposable.