You are likely a well-educated and relatively worldly individual if you are taking a moment to read through these blogs. Some of them, you may say, are just represent nothing more than mental diarrhea spewed onto your screen via the magic of the internet.

Why should you read them?  Why should you care?

First off, I am not a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal.  I am well-educated, holding multiple master’s degrees ranging from literature to specialties in Defense Analysis.  I am a prodigious reader (as if the multiple degrees didn’t already scream that at you), a former military officer, who spent most of his career in the special operations field.  I did psychological operations through all three operational taxonomies: tactical, operational, and strategic.  I watch Dr. Who and understand it 😉  That alone should win me kudos.

Big deal, you may ask?  Well, actually, yes.  I am telling you that I know more than the average politician, which shouldn’t be hard for any of us, but I just wanted to make my case.

That all being said, I am going to advice something that seems somewhat counter-intuitive:  don’t talk or act so smart.

Our enemies on the right, our adversaries because that is exactly what they are, have shown a great affinity to counterfactual thinking and bullying (if not outright terrorist actions.  Look up that definition –and there will be many, but most agree that terrorism is a means in an act or words that is used for political ends.

They do so by their harsh and violence-laden verbiage, by walking around looking intimidating (carrying guns), which is threatening violence, and by actual physical violence.

You are afraid of these people because you don’t know that they are going to do.  Well, I just told you, so start dropping that fear as a mental encumbrance.   Look, no normal person wants to be physically abused without their permission, I know that.  So, their actions are a form of rape (look that up because it isn’t about sex), which should piss you off unbelievably so.  I saw this in almost every country on which I put my feet down.

Furthermore, they are on mission and on task for what they need to happen: you are silenced.  They never have to hit you and should they hit you, you can sue. You can press charges.  They are not allowed to prevent you access to buildings or your car or your home.  So, in fact, as of this writing you have the power over them.

You need to start understanding what you are entitled:

  1. Living your life, free from intimidation.

So, how do you do this? First, you have to mirror our enemies.  I said earlier to stop acting so intelligent because they don’t understand nor do they care to.  To win this fight, we need to do exactly to them, what they do to us.  You need to become more intimidating.  You have the right to carry guns in the open, just like they do. Get your Concealed permit and carry a gun.  Yes, you must!  Don’t sit there, thinking, guns never  solved a problem.  Well, in fact, they are.  You’re worried about them and what the enemy might do, right?  I am not advocating you using them –unless you absolutely have to and then you should know what your rights are in your state before you do.  However, best judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Form groups and hold meetings.  Talk about action not just another bitch session.  Get these cells linked up across your city/state/nation/world.  The internet is world-wide in case you forgot and people are on our side.

Start intimidating back!  As a group, follow VIPs for the enemy, to and from work.  Protest outside their homes.  Set up 24 hr surveillance on them.  Don’t interfere in their movements (see earlier statements about your rights to understand why you shouldn’t), but let them know that you know their moves.

Post psyop products around your city.  Simple printed message (trump is evil, republicans hate the workers, etc), print news items or at least headlines with a short except), hold public meetings and carry your guns to them (if you are permitted).  Trust me, if you want gun laws, suddenly being the ones carrying the guns WILL put the fear into politicians to start cracking down on them.

Talk the talk.  However, know when you are in danger.  That being said, never make it look like their words hurt.  Be proud of who you are.  Just because republicans hate us, doesn’t mean that we are in the wrong.  A lot of Germans loved Hitler, but that didn’t make them right.

Be seen.  Go to their meetings in force.  Go to their churches in force.  Make yourself known.  It is harder to hate an individual when you know them as a person.

Be strong.  Read up about the psychology of fear. Be seen.

When all else fails.  Be scary.