Reading @RogueWhiteHouse on Twitter and I think that it may be faked. It then becomes a Schrödinger’s Cat: either the president is VERIFIABLE insane or we go back to only thinking that he is.  However, IF the rogue accounts are true, my gosh, we have our own Mad King George.  On the account, possible staffers (p-staffers for the short-hand version and because of the double entendre) state that trump wants to be remembered as a king, so I immediately thought of good ol’ Mad King George, but then I realized that James I, Charles I, or George V were more fitting (live like a treasonous king, die like a treasonous king, I always say –well, not really ALWAYS, but here if the crown fits, wear it).

However, that got me thinking that we should have a king, who dies like a king in the most French of ways.  Oui, oui, oui!  (again, that is an egregious and not so subtle (for the French speakers among us) attempt at double entendre.  In case you just made a mental or audible “h’uh?”, the pronunciation of “oui” is “wee”.  Get it?

Anyway, my friends, let’s help trump be a king, by making sure he is remember just like King Louis XVI!