When I was in Afghanistan and Iraq, I had the opportunity in both instances to be part of and work with psychological operations.  In fact, I ended up becoming a fully trained psyoper.  In both instances, I got to see first-hand the power of the night letter on the populace.

What are night letters, you ask?  Well, a night letter is literally a letter dropped off at someone’s home or business, usually in the dark of night.  Basically, surreptitiously. The contents of the letter depends on the situation, but it is never good for the recipient.  Usually, the letter informs the recipient that unless the recipient does what the letter demands, the recipient, his property, or his family will come to some sort of harm.  It was and is a very good tactic to gain compliance because the recipient didn’t know who sent it, didn’t know how many people were involved, and didn’t know who was watching.  It did cause neighbor to turn on neighbor and was highly disruptive to societal cohesion.  In Iraq and Afghanistan, the letters generally demanded that the recipient not help the Americans or the government, but such letters could have asked or demanded anything.

With the US on the eve of allowing businesses and people to discriminate based on their religious beliefs, we are entering another dark period of civil rights abrogation.  This is unacceptable and should anger you to your very core.

Open hostility against these people or businesses will accomplish very little.  You may be the only person in your area, who gives a good-god-damn about minorities, gays, or transsexuals.  You may be surrounded by good-ol’ boys, who may want to harm to progressives or liberals.  I have seen it happen here in the US, so yeah, I know it happens.   What are you to do openly without getting your ass kicked?  What can one person do?

In war, as now in American politics, the politics of destruction and divisiveness is the rule, you do what you must to win.  The end justifies the means, goes the old saying.