So, I have been labeled (actually, in some cases screamed at) that I am everything from a neo-nazi to a communist/socialist sympathizer.  Not too sure if either of those labels are correct given that I accept people of any walk of life, and I don’t think that everyone is entitled to the exact same thing.  However, it is nice to know that I am not easily labeled.  Nobody puts this baby in a corner.

Like myth and rumor, there is a grain of truth in those appellations because I do get a bit fascist in a way with respect to how I think that things should be and I want that way to be at a basic level that same for everyone.  Fascist in that I believe that some people need to be dragged by the hair into the 21st Century, and that reeducation may be necessary for those, who remain obstinately and proudly stupid.  Communist in that ALL people deserve to be moved from fears that the bottom-most level of Maslow’s Hierarchy will be unobtainable by them.  No one in the United States should live on the streets and wonder about if they are going to be killed because they are not a WASP or other Caucasian. By the way, the same is true for us caucasians.  We should not have to fear anything either.  Not in the US.  Yes, I know that a perfect utopia exists only in the realm of fantasy and that is where it should stay.  For your edification, utopias are not an ideal since they secretly harbor distopias beneath their facades of perfection.

I digress. Mea culpa.

This president has demonstrated that a large part of the US is far more focused on the self than on the betterment of society.  Personally, I give kuddos to the campaign that they ran. It was as good as the terror campaigns that I saw in Iraq and Afghanistan perpetrated by AQI and the Taliban/AQ .  They all used consistent and persistent messaging to scare the populace into behaving how they wanted and if it didn’t go in the direction that they wanted,they took to violence.  While I have to say that the level of violence in the US was obviously not on par with that of overseas, the threat of it existed.  Think of all of little fingers’ comments about punching and fighting against us, and his minions’ responses.  Yes, I just called the pres little fingers (I won’t capitalize his name nor the position that he holds because I feel that his hubris is big enough).

We see him using psychological operations against us now.  Look up the psychology of influence and read some of the techniques.  He and his people are doing everything they can to make us doubt ourselves.  Our media is doing them a favor, too, by being distracted by the littlest and shiniest bauble dangled in front of them.  We need hard and direct questions and analysis and not rating grabbers.  Honestly, it really comes down to this: you need to ping EVERY level of the government with questions and hold them responsible.  WE need to protest, conduct work stoppages, and disrupt the daily happenings.  WE need to change the cycle of propaganda and make it very uncomfortable for our politicians.  I see the first stages of a social movement that is the umbrella for so many others.  Read works by Martha Crenshaw to see the role of social movements.  What I find fascinating about what is now happening, is that all that I have written of here and previously, leads me to the conclusion that if a release valve isn’t emplaced for us progressives, there will develop a hard-core cadre of folks, who will push forward with violence/terrorism.

Don’t take my work on it, read!  This isn’t anything new.  The alt-right have been doing it for years.  Hell, the whole trump administration is nothing more than the release valve for all the alt-right losers, who were getting far too uppity and violent anyhow.

My position is this.  We have long gone past being able to discuss things rationally with these people. Now, we need to mirror them in thoughts, words, and deeds.  There IS more of us than of them and the majority of them are located in states that are practically 3rd World anyway.  Why should we allow these minor states to drag us all down?  There is a lot that I have said or alluded to here, but if you do research what I have posited, you will begin to see for yourself.  I don’t need to lie to you or myself.