I couldn’t agree more with one major exception.  You, my progressive friends, need to be stronger and more violent than our enemies –whom I believe fully to be conservatives.  They have their political wing in Congress and their fighting wing in the streets of America, threatening you and me.  This is rather smart and insurgent groups have used this tactic to great effect –think Northern Ireland.

However, you can take our country back.  You don’t need to actually use violence, but you should have the capability and then let our enemies know it.  Get into their fear loop and make them back down.  I say this almost on a daily basis to people, you can’t talk to these animals.  Read the book(s), True Believers, Dying to Win, or The Lucifer Effect and you will see that we are in a world of hurt because progresses think that we can reason with these people.  No. No. NO!  How many discussions have you had with them?  How long do we have to beat our heads against the wall?  Seriously, my friends.  The questions are easy: Are all humans, human?  Do we all not deserve the same treatment?  When the lights are out, what color are we?  Do you know what gender a person is on the phone all the time?  Why do you care, who is having sex with whom?  Are enemies are no different than the Taliban, AQ, or IS.  They just happen to be our neighbors.  They knew that they were voting for neo-fascists.  They just didn’t care.  They. Would. See. You. Dead.  Don’t be their victims.  Learn to fight!  Krav is awesome and easy to learn. I am a student and aspiring instructor.  I am an avid martial artist and have found Krav to fit the gaps in my instruction and experience very well.  Owning weapons is a must!  More on both at a later time.