Something to ponder that has scary implications. First off, there is a House Bill that would authorize the pulling of America from the UN and NATO. That is fact not alt fact. Second, China and Russia have been on a slide diplomatically with China moving ICBMs to the Sino-Russ border. Another verifiable fact. Putin wants more land back and he and trump have become very buddy buddy. China owns 1/4 our debt –which has become nearly impossible to pay off, and China is growing in the Pacific –our old stomping grounds. trump met with Taiwan and dissed China. I suspect that we are selling out our old allies for Russian support in a two-pronged attack on China –something our old allies would never support, so fuck them, right? Russia has the most readily available land bridge into China, which is something that we don’t have. We have the water ways, which Russia lacks. Our air forces would be able to attack in coordination. Russia gets old land back, which trump could care less about. We would have our debt eliminated and our companies (trump’s) would get to rebuild the Asia-Pacific theater. If we survived the nuclear holocaust and winter. So, this may literally be my last post, since I suspect that I will probably be found dead in the morning of something natural. When we meet in the after-life, I’ll know that I was right by your irradiated glow.