Well, you know that you have sunk low when China becomes reasonable.  You would think that instead of worrying about his crowd size that the great father in the White House would spend more time developing relationships, which is kind of hard to do when the world is laughing at you.  Sure, not everyone in the world, but leaders are, and they are worried at the same time.  With the nuclear football being something of a phallic symbol, our churlish morning star (a bit redundant, but hey, tis the age of alternate facts and extreme hyperbole, n’est pas?)

How do we, the good and honest people of America, get this clown of office.  Actually, I should rescind that.  Kellyanne Crowley looks more the role with her over-applied make-up and alternate style clothing.  I can only think of two options here because your elected representative is not going to work.  You don’t earn enough to buy his/her ear for a complaint.  However, wait another year and you will get all sorts of mail asking for money to help him/her get re-elected.  So, one is to march on Washington and tear that place down brick-by-brick or stop working, don’t pay taxes, and don’t make purchases from republican held companies.  Don’t worry.  You won’t put American’s out of work because those companies pretty much get their stuff from China.  The new world leaders 🙂