So, if should come to no one’s surprise that the religious right is the most hypocritical group of clowns the US currently has between its borders.  Love God/Jesus!  He is the way!  Blah freaking blah.  Listen, I was raised Catholic and while the belief system didn’t stick, at least we weren’t a homogeneous mass of liars.  When our priest’s were found to be lacking after people came forward, WE were outraged.  The Church publicly not so much, but everything is about the people in my mind and not the institution, so we are all that matter.

What I can never understand is how we progressives ceded something as important as religion to the right?  They harbor no other beliefs but their own and religious freedom under them is not permitted.  Look, I’ve been in Afghanistan a lot and in dealing with the religious extremists there, I say a disturbing parallel to the religious right here.  Boiled right down, both groups pretty much want the same things:  no women’s rights, only one religion, a national religion, and pretty much death to anyone they deem undesirable.  Our extremists just coach things in nicer tones, like the German’s did, when talking about solving our problems.

No, my friends.  I see only one way forward, exposing out American Alt-aliban for the hypocrites they are.  This should be a complete information operations push.  Sure they will hate us for it, but hell, if they had their way now, we would be wearing yellow stars and having to register our religious purity.

So, next time you see one of them pontificating about their religious purity, be prepared with the truth.  Educate yourselves!  Too many are going back to hunkering down till the next election.  No, no, no!  The next election has begun and we are already behind.

Also, you see one of those neo-fascists talking, you have my expressed permission to knock him/her on her ass.  The only place good enough for these people is beneath OUR boot heels for a change.

Stay strong, exert YOUR 1st and 2nd Amendment rights and give those bastards hell.