As a former military man, I am absolutely ashamed of the president and his affectations.  I am aware that many of his voters claimed to be voting against Ms. Clinton, but how can you justify voting for a man, who so openly disgraced women, disparaged the handicapped, and shows open admiration for putin, a man, who is a murderous tyrant?  Actually, the rationale is easy:  those men and women, who voted for trump, have found a conduit for their own rage. Rage for being passed by in a modern age, where they have no skills. Rage at losing status.  Rage at seeing others succeed.  Rage at minorities achieving equal status.  Rage at seeing their pathetic religious beliefs being subsumed to reality.  Rage. Rage. Rage.  So, common sense and humanity are tossed aside, so that they can feed their limp ego.

They have raised up someone, who is all that they yearned to be.  A narcissistic, wealthy, child, who will do anything to be seen as a man worthy of adulation.  Note how his puppet and talking head, sean spicer , who whined that criticism of trump, was making him feel bad.  How pathetic is that?  Children need constant praise in order to feel valued not men, not the president!  We live in a dangerous time when a child has his small fingers on the nuclear football.

I predict a very bad ending for us, my friends.  We are nothing more than fuel for his aspirations of grandeur.  Many of us will likely not see the close of this decade.