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Resistance is NOT Futile

First blog post

This is my response to our national shame: the election of (s)trump(et). Why a shame?  If you have to ask that then you probably don’t want to read, and will likely not understand, this blog.  Go forth and do good things then.  The rest of you read on…

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I just want peace.

Haven’t we had enough already?  Aren’t we tired yet?

I look forward to peace without the daily barrage of anger, vitrol, and accusations.

We are all still Americans, aren’t we?

What will the holidays –all of them– bring?


A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

The picture says it all.

People power


You, president, are a vampire: you feed off the sorrows of others while embracing the false praise of sycophants. You do not deserve the honor of being in your position. You do not deserve the loyalty of your betters: decent humans everywhere. Millions of voices cry out in hopes that you die. You are not loved or liked. People tolerate you. History will gloss over you and you will be nothing but an asterix, a hiccup, an overlooked reference in the annuals of human history. You will be remarked as a slide toward fascism and religious extremism. You are a black stain on America. You and your kind. To quote someone, I once knew, I wouldn’t give you the sweat off the crack of my ass to save your life.

Judas. A portrait of an American republican

It’s no longer Judeo Christian beliefs but Judas Christian beliefs.

Ode to Futility

I was outside my team room at Ft. Bragg when my CWO poked his out the door and said, “Hey, sir! A plane hit the WTC!” Being from NY, I knew that small planes had hit these buildings in the past, so I didn’t think much of it, but I went and looked at the TV and saw the initial damage. I was shocked and wondered if some pilot had committed suicide. Then the second plane came into the field of view and we watched as it hit the second tower. We knew that it was an act of war.
That night, we were issued weapons, given a mission to guard specific sites on Bragg and told to shoot to kill if anyone approaches and fails to identify.
We were at war with a man called OBL and an organization called AQ.  
16 years later, multiple combat deployments, loss of friends and comrades, trillions spent, wars fought in locations that you likely can’t immediately find on maps, and our Nation shattered.
Yet, once again, children, who have never served, whose families have never served, wealthy and privileged, beat their meager chests and screech for war. Cowards, who serve their own interests above all others, who advocate supremacy over those of color, sexual orientation, self-identity, cowards, who do follow a religion founded by Arab-Jews, whose very book is a collection of locale Arab and Jewish laws and customs, yet these cowards sieg heil for a white America.  
I can honestly say that I am disgusted that we will fight again against people, whom I see pose no national security threat against the US, but whose country is rich in natural resources that these cowards can leverage for more money. While, in the US, more cowards of their ilk, carry weapons of war down our streets, threatening and attacking Americans.
I have volunteered to return to Afghanistan this summer, not because I want the taste of combat again, but because if not me, who? I am old and will have no children and my deployment may save one of our promising youth. Still, I bear no animosity toward the Afghans. My animus, my loathing goes wholly to those in the US, who carry the abomination of the nazi flag or one of its by-blows OR the rebel flag of the confederacy (it does not warrant capitalization). Traitors all.  
I sharpen my knife not for combat in Afghanistan, but for those here, who would do us harm.
Pardon any poor grammar here. I am not a very intelligent man and I do the best that I can.

Evil is as evil does

Any and all, who support the “president”‘s action today, should be ostracized and shunned. Their families should suffer the same fate. Whether ICE, police, or other agency, those who would serve this racist and fascist move and their families, should not be accepted as a people. If they see others as non-human, they themselves should be seen as non-human. Don’t let me hear the Nuremberg excuse of “doing my job” as reason why we should not treat these agents of evil so.

Demand Denouncement!

Contact the Military Joint Chiefs of Staff and DEMAND that they denounce trump’s words and actions!

Are you Ready?

In a missive sent for US service members of Italian descent, prior to the Invasion of Sicily in WWII, GEN Patton wrote: “There are thousands of Soldiers of Italian descent, who will be storming ashore with Seventh Army. However, bear in mind that the real courageous Italians, who lived liberty and who had the true pioneering spirit, left Italy to come to the country of freedom, where they had become good citizens. Those, who were left behind, were the cowards or weaklings, who allowed Benito Mussolini to come to power. Against them I know you as an American Soldier will not fail in your duty.”

It fell upon these men and women to fight their own country men, to fight against brother, to fight against the beliefs of those not only physically, but ideological separated. That Great Generation heeded the call and put morality and justice ahead of familial ties.

So, are you ready?

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